Enduring Guardianships

Stick Figures Dirt Track 1170x500 V1.0It can be an overwhelming responsibility to care for a loved family member or friend, who for a variety of reasons, can no longer make their own decisions. It is all the more challenging if you know what your loved one would have liked to do, but you don’t have the power to communicate this to health authorities or government agencies.

An Enduring Guardianship is your voice when you no longer have one, enabling you to grant to a third party the right to make decisions about your health and living arrangements.

This comes into effect when you are deemed to have lost the ability to make decisions for yourself. It allows your nominated third person to speak to health professionals about your medical situation and to make the decisions necessary to carry out your wishes in regard to medical treatment options.

If you don’t have an Enduring Guardian, your family and friends may find themselves powerless to carry out your wishes.