Finding your way to emotional upliftment

When your marriage disintegrates, it can be a huge blow to your sense of identity and self esteem.

You are no longer a husband or a wife and may transition from being a relatively financially secure, full-time parent,  to a less financially secure part-time parent,  often having to leave the neighbourhood and/or  family home.

Faced with this crisis you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed, daunted and feeling quite bleak about the future.

At this time, it is critical to be honest with yourself about how you are feeling and to call for help – not only from family and friends,  but from professionals who are equipped to manage your situation. Despite being time-poor, it is important to administer self care.  Ensure that you eat well, get enough sleep, exercise and socialise with friends whenever possible .

You may find that while some friends continue to stand by you, others will no longer include you in “couple and family” style arrangements and this may feel upsetting . This would be a good time to get involved in community events or perhaps resume music, swimming or take up activities that you enjoy but may not have done for a period of time.

It is helpful to focus your attention on all that is good rather than weighing yourself down with everything that is not working out for you.

Another useful tip is to try live in the present – it’s fine to reflect constructively on the past, but completely destructive to become morbid and bitter over events that you cannot change.

These actions should help to promote a positive outlook, however if you still feel overcome with feelings of fear over an uncertain future, it is often best to bring it back to ‘one day at a time.’.

Even though your own life may be in turmoil, try devote some effort to helping others who are less fortunate than yourself.  This oftentimes serves to distract you from overthinking your own problems.

I&J LAW understands that you have numerous and complex practical and emotional issues to deal with while embarking on an unwelcome legal process.  We know what you are going through.  We have successfully helped many others in your situation to navigate this terrain and will suggest external additional assistance where appropriate.