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Do the kids get to choose where they live ?

Once upon a time the children didn’t need to think about where they lived because mum and dad lived in the same home and under the same roof … and then things changed. Now mum lives in one home and dad in another. This new living arrangement kinda turns a […]

The Kids … How Do I Tell Them About Our Divorce?!!

There is no easy way to look into the eyes of your children amidst family photos on the wall, the family dog sprawled out on the carpet, children’s shoes lying on the floor and tell them their life as they know it is about to change dramatically. Even if the […]

New website for I&J LAW !!

We are excited to reveal our brand new website and hope that you will find all that you need to understand our value offering. Our News and Views page will be the place to find news and commentary on legal topics in our field of interest to help inform you of ongoing […]

Finding your way to emotional upliftment

When your marriage disintegrates, it can be a huge blow to your sense of identity and self esteem. You are no longer a husband or a wife and may transition from being a relatively financially secure, full-time parent,  to a less financially secure part-time parent,  often having to leave the […]

Things to remember when separating

Separation in essence, is the collapse of the family unit that you have created with your anticipated life partner. It is important to remember that no matter how amicable your separation is, you and your former partner will most likely have conflicting interests going forward and as such your former partner, who […]